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My theory has not connection or likeness with the other and old theories.

The correct values for a circle are completely new ways and new knowledge.

The correct value is 3.125 and its subordinated values: 0.78125, 1.28, 0.64, 0.21875.

Incorrect value 3.141592653... & its subordinated values: 0.785398163..., 1.273239545..., 0.6366197724..., 0.2146018367...

Also with 3.125 are Mantle area and Total area even Volume of Sphere & Cylinder and Cube relationship 2/3 or 3/2.

But the volume of Sphere, Cylinder and Cube with 3.141592653... are not relationship as 2/3 or 3/2.


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The correct values for a circle.

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Summary of the book

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Square squaring form dominates entirely


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Triangle theory & 3.141...

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Argument against Archimedes theory & 3.141...

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of the Sine and the Cosine terms
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By carefully reading the first chapters in this book, one will come to understand the existing characteristics and relations of square, circle and cylinder.

When reading chapters one to five you will understand which value to choose for calculating an entire circle. The formulae give you tools to determine the relations
of the area and circumference of a circle.

The Book is now published

I have investigated and researched on Pi for 35 years and it has taken me this long to come to these conclusions. To share my knowledge and discuss the contents of my book with fellow colleagues I have put a few words together on this site.

Old methods of identifying and calculating Pi have not been mentioned, discussed or used in this book. History of Pi has not been mentioned either. This book only considers a new idea and new formulas. To understand and get a complete view of the new formulas and ideas one has to study the book.

The first time I published this book was in year 2000 in Sweden and the second time in 2003.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part contains seven chapters, explaining the correct value for Pi. The second part contains six chapters, each chapter covering different mathematical areas. Part 1 explains the basic geometric shapes and how these are related to each other.

Part 1

Chapter 1: Squares and square-squaring form.

Chapter 2: Circles and circle-squaring form.

Chapter 3: Cylinders and cylinder-squaring form.

Chapter 4: A logarithm is presented and with its help formulas are built. Geometrical figures can be calculated with the help of these formulas. Also in this chapter one can follow the classifications of the circles.

Chapter 5: Here you learn about a unique Circle.
In addition to this four more circles are used to give the solution for the equation.

Chapter 6: In this chapter one can follow the disadvantages one comes a cross when using

Pi = the calculations.

Chapter 7: Here one can systematically see the formulas, the illustrations and the analysis.

Part 2:

New Mathematical formulae for new Geometric Constructions

1. Radians

2. Shaded areas

3. Chords

4. Relationships between cubes, cylinders and spheres

5. Stars

6. Parablex

Learn about the new values
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The book is now published in English with more details. It is now available for purchase.
If you are interested in this book or if you have any questions or 
if y



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